Tour Start
Tour Start a manager for memberships (paid or free). The software takes care of the subscription process and everything attached to it.

Core Features

The solid base of AEC are its core features - from Subscriptions to Invoices. Learn more →

More Features

Around the core features, AEC has more features that make your life a lot easier. From our extensive Logging and History functionality to Invoice Printouts and the very handy Quicksearch function. Learn more →

Micro Integrations

The real power of the AEC is its extensibility - With 60 integrations for other Joomla! components, affiliate (or other) payment tracking systems down to system functionality like MySQL queries or simple things like sending out Emails - AEC loads your memberships with serious functionality. Learn more →

Payment Processors

Of course, no membership software would be complete without payment processors - which is why AEC already supports more than 45 of the most popular services. Learn more →

Get AEC now!

Here on Valanx. we don't leave you in the rain if you run into any problems with AEC. You can get a Starter Membership and it comes with a contingent of support time so that you can get help in our Ticket System.

Learn more →

AEC Impressions

User Voices

"AEC is leagues ahead of anything else, and is so easy to use."
- NicMason

"it's a must for a subscription site. i love it"
- 10 years after

"I’ve been using this component for almost a year now and would highly recommend it for anyone that requires this kind of functionality.
We’ve processed over 35000 payments through AEC and it’s done everything we have asked of it."
-  jongittoes

"AEC is sort of the defining component for our installation"
- blewis

"This component is all that you would want from a subscription manager. Its support for JACL groups and the microintegration capability with other major components such as Docman is what makes this component absolutely THE BEST of the lot."
- mohaneesh

Find more user voices on the AEC on the Joomla Extensions directory

Use Cases

So - "A lot of functionality, but how can it help me?" - you may ask. Here are a couple of examples of typical AEC use cases.

Charge for access to parts of your website

With AEC, it is dead simple to ask for a registration fee. Just create a basic membership plan and integrate AEC with your registration. New users will have to pay to get in and existing users will be asked to pay on their next login.

Collect donations on your blog

Since all the restrictions AEC imposes can be made optional, it is simple to make registration payments voluntary. And with the Donation MI, you can even let your users decide what they want to pay.

Sell Downloads from DocMan

Through its component Integration, AEC gives you the power to influence other software packages. So if you want to sell downloads from within DocMan - You can do just that!

Endorsement from sites you might know


"AEC is one of the central extensions on our site, and is absolutely essential to our business due to the power and flexibility it offers. Not only is the code top notch, but David and Jake have been a dream to work with whenever we had issues or special needs for our site."

"AEC immediately integrated into the site and the subscription feature was up and running in minutes. I also noticed that the customer support and dedication to the AEC project were well beyond the standard. I had a few questions starting out and the AEC team was quick to help with assistance. All of these factors contributed to my decision to go with AEC and stick with it." (more)

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